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Web based Apps

Do you have a business problem you need to solve or a process you want to automate?

A web-based app or web app is a piece of software that runs in an internet browser. A web app takes advantage of that modern browser on modern devices and computers are more powerful than ever before. Sophisticated software systems can be developed that build on the existing infrastructure that comes with an internet client like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari. By leveraging existing technologies, software can be written and problems solved for a fraction of the cost and lead time of traditional software methods.

A web app is also easy to deploy to users since all they need to do it point their favourite browser on their preferred device at a simple web address. And because the application uses web-technologies it is instantly more familiar to users and therefore easier to use.

Web Apps on an iPad

Mobile Device Apps for iPhone and Android

Do you want to connect with you customers, showcase your products and increase your marketing reach?

A phone app is a great way to establish an ongoing connection to your customers, provided you give them something in return. Many SMB apps provide an easier way to consume your product ( like a streamlined way to order a pizza). Another option is to provide information relevant to your service (like ski conditions and lift status at Falls Creek).

Get it right and your users will want to tell their friends about the great new service or product that they can interact with from their phone. Also your app will be listed in the Apple iTunes and the Android Stores and will potentially reach millions of users.

While a phone app is not necessarily the answer for everyone there is some compelling evidence emerging why you should at least consider an App for your business. Recent data (from the US) found that people are, on average spending 2:21 a day on their mobile phones NOT TALKING. That is they are online or in apps. Another study found that 80% mobile device time is spent in apps and only 20% is spent in the browser.

While this data is from the US and includes time spent “multitasking” (watching TV and fiddling with your phone), it is indicative of a trend – people are spending more and more time in Apps on their phones.

Web Apps on an iPad

Custom Business Management Systems

Should you buy “off-the-shelf” software or build your own?

    There are three very good reasons to build your own software:
  1. The business need is unique. You’re a pioneer, an entrepreneur, a maverick and your business model is one of a kind, there is no chance that there is software to cover what you need.
  2. Your needs go beyond what “of-the-shelf” software can do. Your business need is all that special, but the way you do it is. And that’s what makes your business successful and competitive. Adopting an “off-the-shelf” package would kill your competitive edge!
  3. Implementation and Integration is brutal. You can find a piece of software that does what you want, in fact you’ve found four. Individually they cover only part of your business, together they cover everything. However, getting them to work together is going to be like herding cats, uphill, in the dark. It may be cheaper and easier to build your own software that has the required elements of each included.

At SL Digital, we have developed a number of custom business management systems for our clients where the business model is pretty unique or their needs go way beyond the scope of standard systems.

Web Apps on an iPad